A laser harp

This is a musical instrument worthy of mention on the nerd heard. It is basically synthesizer that works by "Plucking" beamz of laser light.
The music you can create with it is actually pretty lame but the uniqueness will be sure to sell a few of these units. Sort of reminds me of "Revenge of the Nerds" when they do the Talent Show part at the end.


Anonymous Glenn Hill said...

For a much, much more nerdy Laser harp, check out Laserharps.com ! ;-) The software I use is from OptiMusic in the UK. It can trigger any type of multa-media, still or video images, and any type of music or sounds, up to 70 times per second. I custom build them with from 8 to 64 green and/or red low powered lasers. They are custom designed , carved and sculpted in any style one can think of.

I am working on a low powered green laser version of an "infinite" beam type laser harp, that will use 13 green lasers shooting up into space in a spray-type array. It will be played by reflecting the lasers back to optic sensors on the harp body. In this approach the software`s "analog" mode can be used, which allows the sensors to register differences in voltage depending on how much laser light hits each one. Thus shifting pitch and volume by where a had is placed away form the lase beam.

Very cool fun !

August 18, 2009 at 11:16 PM  

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