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So lets say you want to get into the text analysis game, where do you start? Take this blog post for example, a text analyzer will read it at some point because almost all of the blogs are read electronically. It will look at my grammar, spelling, choice of words and decide how old I am, what this post is about, what I might be interested in….. So how do you build tools that can mine the text on the internet or in your databases, email’s, documents? You need some text analysis software.This is a pretty interesting software. I have installed it and done a little work with it. Basically you give it some text and some logic and you can create software that can categorize what the text is about. I can't fully explain what I am using it for but needless to say if you have a lot of text that you need to electronically read and process this is a tool to look at. Here is their blurb. Text Analysis International: "VisualText is the premier integrated development environment for building information extraction systems, natural language processing systems, and text analyzers. The Professional version is now FREE for personal, internal, academic, development, and non-commercial use."


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